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Deployment of ‘end-to-end’ service Oriented Technology Infrastructure

KCL has a corp of personnel experienced in the deployment of ‘end-to-end’ service oriented technology infrastructure, using very high quality hardware and software solutions that are tailored to meet specific client’s need.

NIMC In Partnership With Kevonne Consults

KCL is one of the companies licensed to provide data capture services for the enrollment of Nigerians in diaspora and issuance of their National Identification Number, e-ID Smart Card and identity verification services.

Our data capture equipment services are ISO certified and are also FBI and IEEE certified

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Card Delivery
Provide end to end card delivery services including activation
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Biometric Data Capture
we provide demographic and biometric data capture services
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Deployment of a digital identity ecosystem that supports development to achieve the SDGs.

We understand and are organized to support with tailored services, the attainment of SDGs especially targeting number 16 on the provision of legal identity for all by the year 2030.

Registration of
Nigerians in Diaspora

We collaborate with our local and foreign partners (BLS International Service, India HSB Identification, Netherlands, Iris ID systems Inc. USA and Suprema ID Inc. Republic of Korea), to provide services within and outside Nigeria in line with existing data capture sequence and processing method.

Our Partners
Our partners are global leaders in biometrics and securities technology
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Service Management
Data capture and transmission are within global standards and best practice of efficiency, security and privacy using best encryption technologies and information management security systems.
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FBI Certified

Our solutions include up-to-date, FBI certified and global practice compliant systems and personnel with adequate training and support from our partners.

Secure Data Capture

Data will be efficiently captured and will be fully compliant with statutory requirements